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Conservative musician to Obama: Get out of the way!

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 10, 2010 08:51 AM

On Wednesday, I mentioned several small business owners who explained how the pile-on of state and federal mandates — including unemployment insurance benefits — was putting enormous strain on their ability to hire and survive.

One of the business owners I mentioned was John Smallwood, a singer/musician who runs Vinyl Headlights, an East Coast band. He wrote:

“We are a variety rock band that travels up and down the East Coast. Yes, everyone thinks we’re lefty rockers, but that could not be further from the truth. We’re all businessmen, and we provide a service. Since Obama’s term, I have been watching our cost of business going up (UI, fuel, licenses, etc.), and we’ve had to modify our rates lower to keep us profitable. … We have let an employee go to further reduce costs. The last resort is to dissolve the company and send every man for himself. More than likely, all employees would take unemployment. If the government just got out of the way, I could employ people and provide the government revenue, but I am better off employing no one to keep from paying UI and the taxes. If a musician can get it, why can’t (Obama)? Oh, wait: He’s never had to make a payroll, and private enterprise is the enemy.”

Yesterday, John spread his message on Neil Cavuto’s Fox show. Here’s the vid:

Rock on!

Again, John’s band is Vinyl Headlights and their website is here. Support the musicians who support American capitalism.


More right-thinking musicians at Big Dawg Music Mafia. Check them out.

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