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Republicans Appoint Sensenbrenner to ‘Global Warming Meanie’ Post

By Doug Powers  •  December 17, 2010 03:32 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Just because the Republicans won the House as a result of last month’s election doesn’t mean many of them aren’t still locked in a bent-over position so chronic that it will require a chiropractor with roid-rage to straighten their spines.

People’s Exhibit A: Incoming House Science Committee Chairman Hall:

Leading House climate skeptic Jim Sensenbrenner appears to have landed a perch to lead investigations into global warming science.

The Wisconsin Republican is set to become the vice chairman of the House Science Committee under incoming Chairman Ralph Hall (R-Texas), Hall told POLITICO Thursday.

“With his background, his insistence, he can do the mean things that we don’t want to do,” Hall said. “I’m a peaceful guy; he likes combat.”

A Republican bringing in another Republican to do “mean things”? The New York Times already has a headline writer, Rep. Hall. Maybe it’ll be fine, but I just had a Darrell Issa flashback.

If Hall thinks that stopping (or at the very least investigating) the transferral of billions of dollars for “green” shams in the name of junk science isn’t destined to be political “combat” (which can involve being accused of “mean things”), maybe he should find another job.

**Written by Doug Powers

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