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Complete Lack of Bias Causes CBS News to Accidentally Air Joke Cover of Bush Book

By Doug Powers  •  December 23, 2010 01:44 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Hey, I’m sure they’ve made similar “mistakes” and accidentally shown fake covers of Clinton or Obama’s books instead of the actual covers. Okay, maybe not, but they might someday, and that’s the whole point:

Newsday editor and colleague, Alan Fallick was watching CBS’ “Sunday Morning” this past Sunday, and watched Erin Moriarty’s excellent piece on book covers- how they’re designed, how they make us buy said book, etc.

But as the books flashed by, one in particular caught his eye:

“Desision Points: How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision.”

It’s a joke, presumably, or a mistake, and as best I can tell, the photoshopped cover of George W. Bush’s memoir first appeared on the website “Drudge Retort” back in November.

CBS said it was just a goof:

A CBS spokesperson told Newsday that the false cover was aired by accident, and was the result of the network pulling a bad photo from the internet.

Type in “Bush Decision Points” into Google’s photo search and all you see is the fake cover — well, after you wade through dozens and dozens of pictures of the actual cover to find the fake one.

Somebody at CBS News putting together that story thought this cover was real? They really do think Bush is a moron, don’t they?


The cover flies by quickly at the 16-second mark:

Over the summer, CBS’s Bob Schieffer wrote a fact-check manifesto concerning “what the new media can learn from the old media.” Well, hopefully the old media has come to realize that the new media catches plenty of their “mistakes” as well.

But since the folks at CBS have a history of being nothing but fair to Bush, we’ll just put this down as an innocent mistake. Courage.

(h/t Hot Air)

**Written by Doug Powers

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