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A Nanny State Snow Job

By Doug Powers  •  December 29, 2010 08:12 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Mayor Bloomberg’s Tip-o-the-Day: Government can and should be in charge of every aspect of our lives — unless they can’t be:

Many roads in Brooklyn and Queens are still not plowed… and residents are frustrated. Mayor Bloomberg says, “We won’t get to everybody every time, we will make mistakes, but yelling about it and complaining doesn’t help.”

But if you saw somebody smoking in a bar I bet Bloomie could have five guys on it in a matter of minutes.

I must confess to being stuck with a sliver of schadenfreude at the sight of somebody who has set himself up as one of the nation’s preeminant government nanny-staters getting visibly frustrated by those who simply think he’s being derelict in his nanny duties. The “government as babysitter, food cop, health guardian and safety patrol” system for which Bloomberg is a proponent does nothing but encourage and reward whining and complaining, so it doesn’t pain me to see him on the receiving end.

If you’re going to bill yourself as the Diaper Changer-in-Chief, you’d better be prepared to sling the Pampers a little more effectively, Professor Nosalt.

Update: For more about Nanny-Mania 2010, don’t miss Michelle’s column today.

**Written by Doug Powers

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