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Sean Penn’s Insult to Hugo Chavez

By Doug Powers  •  January 7, 2011 11:40 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Contained in an interview in which the Marxist/capitalist (or is it the other way around?) actor griped about losing half of everything he has in his divorce is an unwarranted slap in the face to Hugo Chavez:

“Let’s face it,” [Penn] declared, “I’m a person that feels pretty alienated from the rest of the world and never felt understood by anyone.”

How quickly he forgets:


You’d at least think this would have made Sean feel understood by someone this week:

(Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sought to end a diplomatic stand-off with the United States on Tuesday by suggesting it name Bill Clinton, actor Sean Penn or director Oliver Stone as its envoy to Caracas.

“Never felt understood by anyone”? Hugo must be heartbroken.

**Written by Doug Powers

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