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Money for Nothing, PC For Free: Canada Bans Dire Straits Classic

By Doug Powers  •  January 14, 2011 11:07 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

This will no doubt perk up some ears over at FCC headquarters in Washington — I can’t believe this one’s slipped by them (and it has because I heard the song on the radio recently in its “original form” ::gasp::).

From The Spec by way of Reason:

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that Dire Straits’ 1980s hit Money for Nothing is too offensive for Canadian radio.

The ruling, released Wednesday, was in response to a complaint against St. John’s radio station CHOZ-FM. The listener complained that the word faggot – which appears three times in the song is “extremely offensive” to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The council is an independent body created by Canadian radio and television broadcasters to review the standards of their content.

The song was released 25 years ago. The CBSC would have taken action sooner but the shipment of Brothers in Arms just recently arrived up there (snow’s been a bear the past decade and a half).

The original version has been banned, but it can be played provided the offending word is edited. I’d suggest that Canadian radio stations who are upset with this decision have a little fun with it and overdub that section of the song with a tribute to political correctness. “That little bureaucrat got his own jet airplane — that little bureaucrat he’s a millionaire.”

Starting at 8 p.m. tonight, K97 in Edmonton will defy the order and play the song unedited for 24 hours in protest:

“We’re not afraid of repercussions. We have never had a complaint in the 25 years we have played the song,” K97 Music Director Todd James told FOX411. “We will play it in its entirety and unedited as we have always done and if someone wants to file a complaint we will take it from there.”

But K97 may be alone.

Most Canadian radio stations that play rock music have been bombarded with phone calls from listeners unhappy about the ban of the quarter-century old Dire Straits hit— still, despite the many complaints, the majority of stations don’t plan to break the rules and broadcast the forbidden tune like the Edmonton station.

For a second there I was thought we might be looking at a full-blown DJ rebellion — a sequel of sorts to the 1978 film “FM” (which the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council is just getting around to seeing) — but probably not.

**Written by Doug Powers

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