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Playing Hardball With the ‘New Civility’

By Doug Powers  •  January 21, 2011 10:43 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Now that we’ve settled down and gotten away from any images and metaphorical rhetoric that may or may not shove lunatics over the edge, somebody might want to tip off one of the main authors of that memo that the “new civility” is now underway.

HAP has a screen grab from the opening segment of last night’s Chris Matthews show:


And what exactly is “fire on the right” supposed to imply?


Will MSNBC issue an apology for this viciously unnecessary call to violence? Nah, but CNN just might on their behalf.

Matthews, true to the demand for a new political tone to cool off the “climate of hate,” also referred to Michele Bachmann as a nut case.

Update: According to Michael Hirsh, Matthews might as well have used a racial slur.

**Written by Doug Powers

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