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Transparency Update: Reporters Shut Out of START Treaty Signing

By Doug Powers  •  February 3, 2011 03:39 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A few days ago it was announced that one of the main duties of Robert Gibbs’ replacement Jay Carney would be to “mend dysfunctional relationships” with the White House Press Corps.

I don’t know when all that’s supposed to start, but it certainly didn’t start with the signing of START:

President Obama signed one of his top foreign-policy priorities Wednesday, and set off a row with the White House press corps in the process.

The White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) sharply criticized Mr. Obama‘s decision to sign the New START nuclear-arms pact with Russia in a private Oval Office ceremony with virtually all of the press barred from the event.

Somehow though Joe Biden managed to get in.

Andrew Malcolm on who was allowed in and why they wanted to be there:

In attendance were a handful of senators who always seem to show up for these things to get a free pen.

Now, why would an event the administration classifies as a crowning achievement be closed to the press? So the snickering from afar couldn’t be caught on tape?


**Written by Doug Powers

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