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Overstatement of the Day

By Doug Powers  •  February 4, 2011 02:31 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The UK Daily Mail is obviously assuming that Ron Reagan Jr. has a lot more political clout in the States than he actually does:

The son of the former US president Ronald Reagan has branded Sarah Palin a ‘soap opera’ ahead of a speech she will give honouring his late father.

Ron Reagan said that he doesn’t see anything in common between his dad and the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate.

Palin is scheduled to speak in Santa Barbara, California, on Friday at a tribute to Ronald Reagan. The event is one of the celebrations marking the 40th US president’s 100th birthday on Feb. 6.

But the stinging criticism from the son of one of the US’s most memorable presidents will come as a devastating blow to Palin, the former Alaska governor, as she rallies support for a possible presidential candidacy bid in 2012.

A devastating blow? Now Palin might not get the vote of the half dozen libs who heed the words of Ron Reagan Jr.

Speaking of Sarah Palin’s speech at the Reagan Ranch Center tonight, C-Span will air it live at 11 p.m. EST. And to top it off and ensure that Ron Jr’s head does a pirouette à la seconde clean off his shoulders, Dick Cheney will speak tomorrow night at 10:30 EST. Meanwhile, Ron Reagan Jr’s speech to a busboy at a Seattle area Denny’s isn’t expected to be covered by any media outlets.

**Written by Doug Powers

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