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Obamacare: The comic book

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 8, 2011 11:12 AM

Photoshop credit: Slublog (via Ace of Spades)

The eggheads who gave us Obamacare, still drowning in the delusion that their problem is p.r. and not policy, have cooked up a cure for the nation’s continuing health care ills:

A comic book!

Yes, if only we morons were able to digest the 2,000-page monstrosity with colored pictures and bigger font, we’d all bow before the federal health care bureaucrats and their costly mandates in silent, wondrous awe.

For real: (h/t JWF)

The MIT economics whiz who crafted President Obama’s national health-care overhaul now plans to explain the complex and controversial plan to the masses — in one long comic book.

Jonathan Gruber, a nationally recognized health economist who devised the economic underpinnings of Obamacare (Gruber hates the term), said his three comic-loving kids encouraged him to use the hip format of the graphic novel — basically an expensive comic published in book form — to tell the story of the complicated plan to 300 million Americans.

Unlike most comic books, Gruber’s won’t have a superhero like Batman or Captain America or a villain like the Joker, he said.

“I’m going to use the facts to tell the story,” Gruber, 45, told the Pulse yesterday. “I’m the narrator guiding the reader through the law. It’ll have lots of pictures and text.”

…Gruber said he will illustrate how the president’s plan will lower health-care costs and end discriminatory insurance practices that make it much harder for sick people to get coverage.

“My family made me realize that there’s such a misunderstanding of the bill, and that it’s important to explain why we need this, and what it does,” he said. “I’ve found that when people understand it, they like it.”

I can’t wait for the appearance of Captain Waiver (dressed in SEIU purple, of course).

Or the graphic depiction of the four moderate Democrats who are going after the individual mandate. Draw them as the Four Horsemen of the Obamacare-o-calypse.

Thank goodness the House Republicans aren’t wasting time in fantasy land:

“Buried in Paperwork: A 1099 Update”

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm, the House Small Business Committee will hold its first full committee hearing entitled, “Buried in Paperwork: A 1099 Update.”

During the hearing, the Committee will examine the expanded 1099 information reporting requirements in Section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Committee will hear testimony from small business owners about the mandate’s administrative burdens and its potential negative impact on job creation, growth and business investment. The Committee will also hear testimony from Representative Daniel E. Lungren (R-CA), the sponsor of legislation to repeal Section 9006 of the Act.
Witnesses and Testimony:

Panel One

* Representative Daniel E. Lungren (R-CA), sponsor of the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act (H.R. 4)

Panel Two

* Mr. R. Jerol Kivett, President of Kivett’s Inc
o Representing the National Federation of Independent Businesses

* Mr. John “Mark” Eagleton, Managing Member of Eagleton Ventures, LLC
o Representing the National Restaurant Association

* Mr. Seth Shipley, Owner of Shipley’s Fine Jewelry
o Representing the National Retail Federation

* Mr. Mike Kegley, President of B.O.L.D. Homes, Inc.
o Representing the National Association of Home Builders


Commenter flmom: “I guess it’s appropriate to create a comic book version of the Non-Affordable Healthcare Bill, after all, we know the savings we’re supposed to see from it is pure fiction.”

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