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Mayor Bloomberg’s Attempt to Apologize to the Irish is Failing

By Doug Powers  •  February 15, 2011 03:38 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If talking beer is his way of trying to endear himself to the Irish after his little joke backfire, insulting brewers with the adult beverage equivalent of “ketchup on filet mignon” isn’t any way to go about it:

Standing inside the just-expanded Brooklyn Brewery yesterday, the mayor revealed that his unorthodox approach to drinking beer requires ice.

“I actually put ice in my beer,” the mayor said. “Most people don’t.”

Hearing a gasp from the crowd, he explained: “I know. I’ve always done it. I don’t think it comes from Boston.”

Brewery President Steve Hindy was too polite to set the mayor straight on the correct way to savor his popular suds.

But Julie Johnson, editor of All About Beer magazine, was more than willing to offer Bloomberg some drinking tips.

Rule No. 1: Don’t do what you’re doing.

“Never,” she declared, “if you want to respect the efforts the brewers put into the beer.”

As someone of Irish heritage, the drunk stereotypes I can handle — bring ‘em on, Captain Nolabels — but that is practically unforgivable.

America’s Sodium Cop also orders his iced brew with a hypocrisy chaser:

The odds of Bloomberg following her advice are remote. The mayor’s been known to march to his own taste drummer. He adds salt to just about everything — including pizza.

He’s not concerned for our health — he’s hoarding it all for himself!

(h/t Daniel Foster)

**Written by Doug Powers

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