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Support Wisconsin: Trumka storms Madison tomorrow; Walker supporters to rally Saturday; a disgusted teacher calls out unions

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 17, 2011 10:21 PM

It’s the National Thug Convergence.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka — refresh your memories of his violent rise to power here — announced that he’ll be storming Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow to join all the Hitler/Mubarak-sign toters and teachers ditching their jobs.

The showdown is scheduled for high noon.

Check out Vicki McKenna’s photo gallery for today’s scenes from the mob.

A taste:

The DNC and Organizing for America are in battle mode.

House GOP Speaker John Boehner stands with GOP Gov. Scott Walker and taxpayers sick of bloated unions and endless entitlements funded on their dime.

Supporters are planning a rally Saturday to show their support for long-overdue public union reform. Details here.

From a Tea Party reader, how to support Wisconsin if you can’t be there in person:

Like many of you, I am watching in shock as “union thugs” try to intimidate the Wisconsin Legislators. The Left is using all the resources they can to stop the much needed budget cuts. If you thought we were going to take our country back without a fight, you were wrong. It is rumored that protesters were actually paid by the AFL-CIO and our “friends” from the SEIU who brought in organizers and protesters.

In response to these protests., I have started a Facebook Page at: www.StandWithWI.com

In case you want to cheer on the Wisconsin legislature who are fighting the teachers unions, here on the governors’ and legislature email addresses….maybe you could pass them on. Just send them a “Good Job keep up the good work!”

Tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that we are behind him!

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702

The nineteen state senators who are standing fast on principle are below. Drop a note and thank them for their patriotic stand.


In case you missed it, great video from the activists who ran the Wisconsin AWOL Senate Democrats out of town. Thank you, Rockford Tea Party!


Another great letter from a fed-up teacher mortified by the Big Labor tantrum:

I’m a teacher in Tennessee. Our legislature is primed to pass similar legislature. Good for them. Time to give some of these incompetent teachers incentive to either do well or get out.

This garbage in Wisconsin gives us all a bad name. Our job function is in our title. TEACH. Calling in sick to go join the crap-fest at the Capitol building isn’t exactly what I call a function of their job. Thankfully, we are not forced to join our union. They sure do put the pressure on, though. They tell us: “Look what we’ve done! We got you duty-free lunch!” Well, pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but how many jobs require a person to work through lunch? Seems it would be hard to get much done while eating.

Our union voted to fire teachers last year so that it saves our precious step-increase. I’m all for pay increases, but you know…that extra 200.00 this year is something I could budget around for young teachers like me to keep their jobs. Who benefits here? Old, union cronies that don’t give a damn about non-tenured young professionals. Way to look out for us all. Unions today are nothing more that a way for greedy individuals to increase their pocketbooks.

We pay 3% to our pension. The state matches 4%.
We pay a comparable health care fee to other jobs…probably better…around 140 a month for individuals.
We get Summers off, Spring Break, Winter Break, Non-government holidays.

And all tax-payers ask that we do is educate their children. Well, as a group we’re doing a crap job. Sure, parents are to blame, but how many old, untouchable union-lifers are hanging on doing a terrible job?

It’s no wonder people are upset with teachers. I am, too. It’s even more upsetting that these teachers are willingly leaving their children behind. If I’m a parent, I’m thinking that they put their wallets before my kid. It’s upsetting, and in case they didn’t get the memo: we have too many teachers. There are young, well-trained, hard-working teachers out there hungry to do a great job.

Teachers are not the target here. Bad, union-paying teachers are, and tax-payers calling them to task scares the hell out of them.

-J from Tennessee


Taking bets on when Michael Moore will show up in the Badger State with camera crew in tow…

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