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Reason #7,924 to Defund NPR: They’d Be ‘Far Better Off’

By Doug Powers  •  March 8, 2011 11:50 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

On Monday, the Chief Executive of NPR challenged critics to find any evidence of political bias in NPR’s coverage. The challenge is a tough one indeed — akin to being tasked with locating an aquarium in the waiting room of your dentist’s office — so when time permits we’ll take her up on it.

Even though the following example of bias isn’t related to “coverage,” it does provide some insights into the mind of at least one person toward the top of the publicly funded NPR chain:

In a new video released Tuesday morning by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, Schiller and Betsy Liley, NPR’s director of institutional giving, are seen meeting with two men who, unbeknownst to the NPR executives, are posing as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group. The men, who identified themselves as Ibrahim Kasaam and Amir Malik from the fictitious Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust, met with Schiller and Liley at Café Milano, a well-known Georgetown restaurant, and explained their desire to give up to $5 million to NPR because, “the Zionist coverage is quite substantial elsewhere.”

On the tapes, Schiller wastes little time before attacking conservatives. The Republican Party, Schiller says, has been “hijacked by this group.” The man posing as Malik finishes the sentence by adding, “the radical, racist, Islamaphobic, Tea Party people.” Schiller agrees and intensifies the criticism, saying that the Tea Party people aren’t “just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

They don’t seem to have a problem accepting tax money from those gun-totin’ racists though, do they? Well worry not, my fellow hayseeds, because this particular NPR exec is just begging to be defunded:

Later in the lunch, Schiller explains that NPR would be better positioned free of federal funding. “Well frankly, it is clear that we would be better off in the long-run without federal funding,” he says. “The challenge right now is that if we lost it all together we would have a lot of stations go dark.”

When one of O’Keefe’s associates asked, “How confident are you, with all the donors that are available, if they should pull the funding right now that you would survive?,” Schiller answered this way: “Yes, NPR would definitely survive and most of the stations would survive.”

Hopefully Mr. Schiller and the rest of the NPR suits will get on board with the Coburn and DeMint bill to help free them from the merciless bonds of taxpayer dependency.

Video by way of the Daily Caller:

Coincidentally, NPR just put out this: Davis Rehm, NPR’s senior vice president of marketing, communications and external relations, has released this statement: “Mr. Schiller announced last week that he is leaving NPR for another job.”

Too bad the Muslim Education Action Center Trust is a fake organization — Schiller would have made a perfect spokesman for them.

Unbiased bonus from the same video: Climate change deniers compared to birthers and flat earthers.

Update from the email bag: Reader “Quiznilo” on the next step:

We really need to get past the ‘defund’ bit (which we have already basically won) and finish this. We need to be pushing to remove their ‘tax-exempt’ status.

We’ll *still* be subsidizing these fools if they maintain their tax-exempt status. This tax abatement is quite possibly far more than they receive in explicit government subsidizing. It must end, PBS and NPR must be forced to compete fairly and pay taxes like all the other businesses in their industry do.

**Written by Doug Powers

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