Transparency: Reporter at Biden Fundraiser Kept in Closet

**Written by Doug Powers

For over two years now, Sheriff Joe Biden has been taking the lead when it comes to transparency and journalist access to all functions of the administration.

It wasn’t even two weeks ago that White House spokesman Jay Carney said journalists should be protected and allowed to do their work. But in fairness to Carney, he was referring to Libya, not Florida, where an Orlando Sentinel reporter named Scott Powers (no relation) was invited to cover a 2012 fundraiser featuring Biden but ended up spending the bulk of the evening in a closet to keep him from talking with the guests:

As the unaware $500-a-head invitees dined on caprese crostini with oven-dried mozzarella and basil, rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and gorgonzola cheese, grilled chicken Caesar and garden vegetable wraps, veteran reporter Scott Powers was locked away.The Orlando Sentinel reporter was ushered into the closet inside wealthy property developer Alan Ginsburg’s Winter Falls mansion, after being told that Joe Biden and Senator Bill Nelson had not yet arrived.They were due to speak to the audience to raise money for the 2012 elections.He was told he could only come out when the politicians were ready to give their speeches.Powers told The Drudge Report: ‘When I’d stick my head out, they’d say, “Not yet. We’ll let you know when you can come out.”’Veteran reporter Scott Powers was locked in the closet for most of the event. He emailed from inside ‘sounds like a nice party’After 90 minutes he was allowed out to hear Biden and Nelson speak for 35 minutes, before being taken back to the closet for the remainder of the event.

The reporter sent this picture to his editors of what is either the closet in which he was being held or one of Biden’s hair follicles as seen through an electron microscope (via Drudge):

At least one dinner guest later took exception:

One of the fundraiser attendees emailed the Orlando Sentinel: “I was in attendance at the fundraiser and enjoyed a nice lunch. If I had known there was a reporter stuffed in the closet, I would have been compelled to stand up and demand answers. I would also like to know if this is actually legal to treat people like caged animals. I’m disgusted by these actions.”

Disgusted enough to put a “stop payment” on the donation check? Unlikely.

Alan Ginsburg, owner of the home (look at a picture of this carbon footprint… I can’t believe Al Gore hasn’t made an offer on it), later apologized:

On Friday, Powers said, the home’s owner called him. “He said he had no idea they’d put me in a closet and was very sorry. He said he was just following their lead and was extremely embarrassed by the whole thing.”

I’d hate to see what they’d have stowed away the reporter if his newspaper wouldn’t have endorsed Obama in 2008.

Holding just one person in a closet is nothing for Biden. Earlier in the week he kept the entire Toronto Blue Jays team team stuck on a bus during his photo op with the Yankees.

**Written by Doug Powers

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