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Document drop: EPA minions hard at work…on shutdown fear-mongering

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 6, 2011 02:13 PM

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Courtesy of a tipster, here’s a fresh e-mail exchange among EPA bureaucrats on the job…protecting their jobs through media fear-mongering:

From:Adora Andy/DC/USEPA/US
To:PADs and Alternates
Cc:Alisha Johnson/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Brendan Gilfillan/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Shira Sternberg/DC/USEPA/US@EPA
Date:04/06/2011 12:06 PM

Hey PADs,
Please start pulling together a quick, bulleted list of what region/state specific activities that would cease if there were a shutdown. 5-6 bulleted points will be ideal. These bullets should focus on public health impacts, economic impacts (including permitting that will keep businesses from operating) and enforcement. Since we hope to use this list to respond to questions from your local press, it would make sense to chose locations and issues that are widely known by the general public in your respective areas.
We’ve selected a few examples below of what we’ve worked up here at HQ.
Please send your completed list by 3pm ET (that’s in 2 hours) to Alisha Johnson.
Please call me or Alisha if you have any questions.

HEALTH PROTECTION (Water, Air, Land, Research):
§ Federal inspections at hazardous waste facilities
§ Federally funded activities preparing for cleanup of some of the U.S.’s worst hazardous waste sites
§ Finalization of a health assessment for chromium-6 (hexavalent chromium) in drinking water
§ All federal efforts that protect children from lead paint poisoning
§ Air quality forecasting across the country, including updates to major daily print and TV weather reports
§ All federal programs to protect against unsafe pesticide residues in food
§ Testing of new technologies that respond to biological terrorist attacks such as anthrax

§ New grants to help fund economic redevelopment and cleanup of Brownfields
§ Permitting for companies that need EPA approvals before they can manufacture and market their products
§ Private sector partnerships that help develop new technologies and are the engine of new jobs (CRADA’s)

§ All criminal investigations except those needed to prevent an imminent threat to human life or government property. The agency’s environmental crimes hotline would also cease operation – (this will eliminate EPA’s ability to respond to public reports of potential environmental violations)
§ Oversight of work being done by industry to control pollution and protect public health under federal court orders. The agency would also stop monitoring and collecting compliance data – including illegal air and water pollution discharges. Operation of the agency’s environmental crimes hotline – (this will limit EPA’s ability to respond to public reports of potential environmental violations)

Adora Andy
Deputy Associate Administrator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education

From: Adora Andy/DC/USEPA/US
To: PADs and Alternates
Cc: Brendan Gilfillan/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Shira Sternberg/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Alisha Johnson/DC/USEPA/US@EPA
Date: 04/06/2011 11:56 AM

Hey Folks,
Some of you are starting to get calls from press about what might happen if there is a “shutdown” aka “lapse in appropriations” in your region.
Please do not send your reporters to someone here at HQ as they will likely get bounced around and not be happy with anyone.
Instead – and I know you’re going to hate this – please ask the reporter to email you (not HQ) his/her request and then forward that request to us or, just email Brendan what the reporter is looking for.
As we receive your requests, we will work to see what can be said at this point and then offer you instructions on how best to respond to that reporter.
At this point, regions should continue to be point on the local/regional press questions, so do not refer reporters to HQ at this time.
Thanks Everyone!

Adora Andy
Deputy Associate Administrator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education

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