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Romney Kicks Off Presidential Run, But His Slogan Kerrys a Familiar Tune

By Doug Powers  •  April 12, 2011 12:23 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

One of the first things an “exploratory committee” should do is explore whether or not anybody from the political opposition has fairly recently used the same slogan, but maybe that’s insignificant when that opposition is also saddling you with being the brainchild of their signature piece of unpopular legislation. We’ll get to all that in a minute.

First the story from Politico:

Mitt Romney made it official Monday, announcing he’s formed a presidential exploratory committee for his all-but-certain second-chance Republican campaign next year with a video that highlights the nation’s massive loss of jobs and says “President Obama’s policies have failed.”

The move makes Romney the second semi-declared contender — Tim Pawlenty was the first, and on the Democratic side Obama made official last week — and will allow him to start raking in campaign cash toward a massive fundraising goal of well over $50 million.

He also made the announcement a day before the fifth anniversary of enacting as governor a sweeping Massachusetts health care law that has emerged as one of his biggest obstacles to winning the GOP nomination and one that Democrats have been gleefully seizing on.

Here’s Romney’s logo and slogan heading into 2012:


(Aquafresh sold separately)

“Believe in America” — where have we heard that slogan before?


Romney’s slogan is ringing a bell, I just can’t connect the dots at the moment.

In any case, President Obama and David Axelrod have on numerous occasions credited Romney as providing the Hope & Change crew with the conceptual modeling clay for Obamacare, and Mitt’s first slogan for the 2012 campaign is recycled from John Kerry. I’ve seen stronger starts, but who knows what’ll happen.

Here’s the video from Romney’s website:

**Written by Doug Powers

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