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Obama Finally Says ‘Drill Baby Drill’ (No, Not You America)

By Doug Powers  •  April 27, 2011 04:35 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s a start: President Obama is finally saying “drill baby drill.” If the story stopped right there I’d give him this week’s Sarah Palin Awakenings award. The problem is that Obama is calling on every oil producing nation with the exception of the United States to increase the supply in a desperate attempt to save his presiden… I mean… lower the price at the pump in Anywhere, USA.

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama said on Tuesday oil producing countries should increase their output to curb the rise in gasoline prices because “if we’re not growing, they’re not going to be making money either.”

“We’re talking to oil producers around the world and letting them know it’s in their interest to make sure that high oil prices don’t end up hurting the world economy,” Obama said in an interview with the CBS affiliate WTKR in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Isn’t the US part of the “world economy”? You wouldn’t think so given how America’s oil production potential feels more ignored than an air traffic controller’s NoDoz dealer.

Obama isn’t including the US in his call to increase oil output — quite the opposite. The Environmental Protection Agency just blocked Shell from beginning to drill the estimated 27 billion barrels of oil that the US Geological Survey estimates is under the US portion of the Arctic near Alaska. The west Texas oil industry could be stopped in its tracks because of a friggin’ lizard. The Gulf drilling moratorium has helped crippled domestic oil production for years to come along with killing who knows how many jobs. Additionally, the administration wants to end billions in subsidies to domestic oil companies all while the US is set to loan nearly $3 billion to Colombia for refinery upgrades in that country. These are some good places to start before going around panhandling for oil.

What makes Obama’s “increase output” plea even more perplexing is that high gas prices are now apparently not the fault of speculators as was previously scapegoated. Now I’m more confused than Janet Napolitano after being told that an IED was found on a Texas roadside while wondering why it was necessary to close an entire highway because of a contraceptive.

Suddenly convincing oil producing countries to increase output will lower the price at the pump? That was an easy concept. It’s funny how fast somebody can find those silver bullets when they’re really looking.

If Obama wants to know what’s contributing to high gas prices for Americans, all he’s got to do is ask his EPA administrator:

“What appears to be the most important factor at work is our dependence on imported energy,” she said. “This is what leaves us vulnerable to jumps in prices. When something changes thousands of miles away, the American people pay for it at the pump.”

This comes from the same EPA that will deny a domestic drilling permit if there’s a **titmouse within 150 miles… 200 miles if it’s got asthma.

(**stop laughing — you know who you are)

**Written by Doug Powers

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