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Scott Pelley on Plans for CBS Evening News: We’re Going to Lean Forward (Where Have We Heard That Before?)

By Doug Powers  •  May 6, 2011 10:56 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Scott Pelley, who will take over for Katie Couric next month as anchor of the CBS Evening News, dropped by Washington DC’s CBS affiliate to let them know his plans for the broadcast. Pelley had better be careful, lest the first story he covers as anchor of the CBS Evening News be about MSNBC filing a trademark infringement lawsuit against the CBS Evening News.

By way of Brent Baker at Newsbusters, here’s what Pelley told the DC affiliate:

We’re going to cover hard news. We’re going to be aggressive about that. We’re going to be leaning forward.

Did CBS hire Spike Lee for their new image campaign?

Part of the problem for CBS with Couric as anchor is that she caused many viewers to lean forward… to change the channel. Will Pelley correct or worsen that? All I know is that Al Gore will be a lot more likely to be watching starting next month.

I’m sure Doug Ross won’t mind if Pelley wants to borrow this “Lean Forward” logo to use for his CBS broadcast.

**Written by Doug Powers

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