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Gingrich Jumps In

By Doug Powers  •  May 9, 2011 09:56 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

As Mitch Daniels awaits his wife’s okay to run (feel free to tell him to mow the lawn instead, Mrs. Daniels), Newt Gingrich is getting the jump:

Newt Gingrich, the House speaker who led a national GOP resurgence in the 1990s before facing ethics questions and resigning, is running for president.

Gingrich’s announcement, made on social networking websites Monday, came after months of public flirting with a bid. He enters a slow-to-form GOP presidential field that has left some Republicans craving more options as they search for a nominee strong enough to credibly challenge President Barack Obama.

The former Georgia congressman, well-known to most Republicans, brings to the race a years-in-the-making political machine with ties to early nominating states as well as a network of supporters and donors. But his personal baggage — he’s acknowledged marital infidelity and has had two divorces — could hinder his chances of winning the party’s presidential nomination more than a decade after leaving the House.

There’s lots of talk about Newt’s “personal baggage,” but the dalliance I’ll have the most trouble overlooking is this one:


Not content to simply let it go and hope conservatives forget about it, Gingrich more recently upped the ante by saying he’d do a climate change commercial with Al Gore. Sheesh,.. talk about immediately negating any conservatism he might otherwise bring to the table. Moving on “climate change” is the left’s primary excuse for the implementation of socialist policy, wealth redistribution and social engineering, so Newt needs to understand that calling President Obama “radical” while at the same time signing off on the modus operandi for instituting that radicalism leaves conservatives more than befuddled.

If Gingrich is serious about his run, he’ll have to quickly figure out how to avoid coming across like a guy who’s denouncing bank robbery while sitting in the front seat of the getaway car.

**Written by Doug Powers

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