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Media Dilemma: Palin in New Hampshire Thursday During Romney Announcement

By Doug Powers  •  June 1, 2011 10:28 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

CNN’s Peter Hamby presents what could be an interesting problem for the media — or maybe it’ll be a no-brainer.

Mitt Romney will officially announce his White House intention Thursday in New Hampshire. At the same time, Sarah Palin’s bus tour will make a stop in the state:


Reporters will have a harrowing choice to make when it comes to which one of these to cover. They can decide to follow Palin, don their Kevlar “press” hats, and risk the dangerous situation Sarah’s forcing them to endure on a daily basis. Or, the press can choose to report Mitt’s announcement, put on their needle-proof vests, and become sitting ducks in one of the most treacherous areas in the world: Between Romney and the US president’s representatives who are trying to pin the blame for Obamacare on him. Where will the majority of the media choose to focus their efforts? We’ll see.

**Written by Doug Powers

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