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Exodus: Newt’s top campaign staff abandons ship

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 9, 2011 03:25 PM

The Beltway is abuzz over the mass exodus today of Newt Gingrich’s key campaign operatives.

Via AP, “Ginrgrich press spokesman Rick Tyler told The Associated Press that he’s resigned along with campaign manager Rob Johnson, senior strategists and aides in key early primary states.”

A Twitter follower of mine wonders about their parting gifts: “No Tiffany’s tri[n]kets for staffers, huh?”

I wonder what took them all so long to abandon Newt.

Grass-roots conservatives, after all, quit on him a long time ago.

Oh, well. He’ll always have Arianna and the Amalfi Coast. And Rev. Al. And Nancy. And Dede.

Where is Newt? Vacationing in the Caribbean.

Bon voyage, Beltway baron.

Can we finally, finally say it now: DLTDHYOTWO!

Oh, and thanks for the memories: The rebuke in Dubuque…

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