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Happy Father’s Day! (Plus a Video from Right Online)

By Doug Powers  •  June 19, 2011 01:20 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A very happy Father’s Day to all our dad readers, and I’d like to send out a special one to my own dad.

My kids made me homemade cards. I don’t melt easily but that does it every time, although some will blame global warming. So far though nobody here has volunteered to mow the lawn or vacuum the pool, but I’m working on choosing volunteers as we speak.

Quickly changing the subject… last but certainly not least, via The Right Scoop, here’s a video of Michelle’s great speech at Right Online. I don’t know if Michelle’s planning to post this herself at some point in the coming days, so if she does, please do me a favor and pretend you haven’t seen it yet:

**Written by Doug Powers

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