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Welcome Back McCotter; Update: A few key votes added

By Doug Powers  •  July 3, 2011 09:50 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

To my recollection, in the years I’ve been writing about the political scene in my little corner of the blogosphere, I’ve only mentioned Rep. Thaddeus McCotter once, and that was for getting the Led out on the House floor. I’ve kind of liked the guy ever since, but I’m still in a “learning process” as far as getting to know his overall record. I have to admit though that lately McCotter’s been sort of like the movie Roadhouse: Whenever he’s on I stop to watch and I can’t specifically put my finger on why.

On Saturday McCotter announced he’s running for president. Good. “The more the merrier” I say… especially in this election cycle.

The Alaska Dispatch ran an article entitled “10 facts about Thaddeus McCotter.” Here’s item that might stick out most to conservatives:

McCotter once voted for the Employee Free Choice Act, a pro-union bill that would have made it easier for employees to form and join unions to bargain with employers. It’s seen as anti-business, a move he’ll be hard-pressed to defend in the race.

The EFCA is otherwise known as “card check.” McCotter has since called that vote “a mistake.” Is that a sincere retraction? That will be up to McCotter to explain. The good news for Thad is that the Republican candidate the MSM is already trying to anoint as the nominee is credited with being the brainchild behind Obamacare, and that candidate is near the top of most polls to win the GOP nomination. Given that, McCotter’s card check vote might not be all that damaging, especially when it comes bundled with the apology.

Otherwise McCotter seems to have conservative street credentials (with with some dings along the way). Other than some Internet research though, I’m not completely familiar with Thaddeus McCotter. Neither are most voters, so that’s a problem that will obviously need to be addressed.

I’m going to go out on a safe limb (padded, with all sharp edges filed down) and predict that if McCotter makes it deeper into the process, he’ll at least shake things up a bit. I’m from Michigan though so there’s probably a “pulling for the home team” element to my prediction (until three years ago I remained convinced the Detroit Lions would win a Super Bowl before I died).

Here’s McCotter’s “I’m running” announcement on Saturday. He said his son couldn’t make it because he had to work, so if you give Thaddeus McCotter credit for anything, make it for having a kid with the ability to find a job in spite of living in the aftermath of Jennifer Granholm:

(h/t to Weasel Zippers for the video)

**Written by Doug Powers

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Update from MM: I’ve noted enough of McCotter’s votes over the years to be skeptical of his claim to the Tea Party mantle:

May 8 2008: McCotter was one of the 39 big government Republicans who voted for the Dems’ massive $2.7 billion mortgage bailout bill.

December 10, 2008: McCotter was one of the 32 big government Republicans who voted for the UAW/auto bailout.

February 4, 2009: McCotter was one of 40 tax-hiking Republicans who voted for Obama’s S-CHIP expansion.

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