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Saturday Roundup & Debt Ceiling Collision Warning System Test

By Doug Powers  •  July 30, 2011 12:32 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Lots going on this weekend, and not all of it is debt ceiling related.

Here’s a quick rundown:

–Funny how the Democrats and mainstream media outlets started talking about Republicans taking “hostages” almost simultaneously. It’s almost as if it was planned somehow.

–Shortly after the White House began its Twitter spam-fest, a New York Times reporter asked what hash tag they were using. The White House wasn’t using a hash tag, but thanks to the inquiry, they began using #compromise. The White House Social Media Director is said to be paid $72,500 a year, but it sounds like that’s a job that could be out-sourced to the Times.

–The White House’s “call or write your member of Congress” Twitter-lanche cost Obama 40,000 followers. Not a big number compared to the number of overall followers, but it’s twice as high as the number of jobs that were created last month. In a semi-backfire, Republican Senators added about 6,500 followers yesterday.

–Now it’s Boehner’s turn: Reid’s bill is DOA in the House.

–The 22 House Republicans who voted against the Boehner bill and increasing the debt ceiling are named here. Yes, $14.3 trillion should be more than high enough, especially considering the ceiling was raised $1.9 trillion just 18 months ago.

–A visualization of the US debt.

And a couple of items unrelated to the debt ceiling…

–Maybe this will get the left in Washington to take real action to improve the US economy: The unemployment rate in the US is almost twice as high as it is in Mexico, which is causing “undocumented immigrants” to leave the US and head back south. By my estimate, once the US unemployment rate hits 25% Janet Napolitano will be able to proudly declare the border 100% secure — at least in this direction.

–Comedian George Lopez said he’d move to Canada if Sarah Palin were elected president. The Palins keep their home in Alaska, so leaving California for Canada to get away from her would be like moving from Texas to Schaumberg to get away from Obama.


Amid all of Harry Reid’s talk of Republican “obstructionism,” as Michelle pointed out yesterday, Reid continues to filibuster his own bill:

Senate Republicans want a 60-vote threshold for a debt-limit bill to pass the chamber, but it’s actually Democrats who are enforcing the filibuster on their own legislation…

The next Senate vote is scheduled for 1 a.m. Sunday — yes, that’s a.m. Nice try guys, but the blogosphere never sleeps.

Update II:

Thaddeus McCotter (R-Over the Hills and Far Away) is calling for a truce between Republicans and the Tea Party:

“On the right, take note,” McCotter said on the House floor. “It is as unwarranted and injurious for a Republican to call a Tea Partier a hobbit, as it is for a Tea Partier to call a Republican a RINO.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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