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John McCain Not Sorry for Reading ‘Tea Party Hobbits’ Line on Senate Floor

By Doug Powers  •  August 9, 2011 01:47 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If John McCain were in the midst of a campaign to retain his seat, he’d have arrived at this townhall meeting dressed as Bilbo Baggins and sported a “Taxed Enough Already” t-shirt and a hat with teabags dangling from it, but McCain isn’t running for anything for quite a while, and it shows:

A member of The Greater Phoenix Tea Party politely [asked] Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to apologize for calling Tea Party members in the House and Senate “hobbits.” McCain, who was quoting the Wall Street Journal, made his comments on the Senate floor.

“I am sorry if it was misunderstood. I am not sorry for what I said,” McCain said to a heated audience.

“I mean, why should I when it’s the facts,” Senator McCain added.

On the Senate floor, McCain read from a Wall Street Journal editorial which contained the “Tea Party hobbits” line, but he didn’t exactly sound like he had an aversion to the description.

Click the pic of a Senator who definitely knows he’s not up for re-election any time in the near future for the video:


**Written by Doug Powers

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