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Iowa Straw Poll Winner Announced; Update: Pawlenty to Drop Out

By Doug Powers  •  August 13, 2011 06:44 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Watching the results being announced right now. Here’s how it played out:

Michele Bachmann wins with 4,823 votes.

Ron Paul 2nd with 4,671.

Tim Pawlenty 3rd with 2,293.

Rick Santorum 4th with 1,657.

Herman Cain 5th with 1,456.

Rick Perry (write-in) 6th with 718.

Mitt Romney 7th with 567.

Newt Gingrich 8th with 385.

Jon Huntsman 9th with 69.

And Thaddeus McCotter had 35 votes.

The vote totals could change slightly.

Romney didn’t actively go after votes (or buy tickets) this time around like he did in 2007 (his opponents might now even accuse him of flip-flopping on his Straw Poll participation). Ditto for Huntsman and Gingrich.

Unless I missed something, I’m a little surprised there were no write-in votes for Sarah Palin.

Not counting this year’s Straw Poll, this vote has been conducted five times since 1979. Three of those five Straw Poll winners also went on to victory the Iowa Caucus. One of the five went on to win the White House in the same election cycle.

Update (Sunday 9 a.m.): CNN, Fox News and Reuters are reporting that Tim Pawlenty will drop out of the race. The “pundits” last night were saying his 3rd place finish should breathe enough life into his campaign to keep it afloat for a while longer, but I guess not.

The AP has more.

**Written by Doug Powers

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