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Paul Krugman on How to Spot Fake Paul Krugman Quotes

By Doug Powers  •  August 24, 2011 02:02 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Yesterday, after the earthquake in the east, a quote attributed to New York Times columnist and Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman making the rounds stated that we’d see a bigger increase in government spending and hence economic growth if only the earthquake had done more damage.

The quote didn’t seem incredibly outrageous by Krugman standards, but it did turn out to be a fake.

In order to help prevent these mix-ups from happening in the future, Mr. Krugman wants to remind everybody that there’s an easy way to spot phony quotes attributed to him: If you read something stupid purportedly authored by Paul Krugman, don’t believe it’s authentic… unless it’s in the New York Times:

So if you see me quoted as saying something really stupid or outrageous, and it didn’t come from the Times or some other verifiable site, you should probably assume it was a fake.

Got it.

(h/t Newsbusters)

**Written by Doug Powers

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