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Jon Huntsman Reels in Key Endorsement

By Doug Powers  •  September 27, 2011 01:06 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Just when you might have thought Jon Huntsman was down and out, along comes Michael Moore to breath fresh life into the possibility that Huntsman could be the one who ends up… being drafted by the left to primary Obama.

Click the pic for video at The Right Scoop:


Huntsman’s now just a Bill Maher endorsement away from sewing up the Tea Party’s support.

More Moore:

On the subject of Chris Christie, Joy Behar asked Moore if America would tolerate a fat president. Moore’s response? Yes, because people want somebody like them, and “most of America looks like me.” Deal with that insult, America. I’m off to buy rice cakes for dinner:

**Written by Doug Powers

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