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Joe Biden: Economy Belongs to Us, Not Bush

By Doug Powers  •  September 29, 2011 03:58 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Look for the Obama campaign’s “let Joe be Joe” policy to be put under review fairly quickly back at the White House.

CBS News:

Vice President Joe Biden said in a live interview with Miami public radio station WLRN Thursday that the Obama administration – not the Bush administration – now has ownership of the struggling U.S. economy.

Biden said Americans have “good reason to be upset” because they lost jobs because of the recession, “something they didn’t have a thing to do with creating.”

“Even though 50-some percent of the American people think the economy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant,” said the vice president. “What’s relevant is we’re in charge.”

It might be politically advisable for Team Obama to start weaning themselves off the “blame Bush” rhetoric now that public sentiment is changing as we drift away from the W years. Asking voters to give you a second term so you can continue to point the finger at the second term of your predecessor is a pitiful strategy, but that doesn’t mean the blame-game is off the table — it’s just shifting to different culprits. Biden obviously missed the latest internal memo, because “Bush’s fault” is until further notice to be replaced by “Europe’s fault.”

If Sheriff Joe keeps taking ownership of the economy on behalf of the rest of the administration it’ll be “Biden’s fault” and the 2012 ticket might look a little different:

**Written by Doug Powers

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