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Joe Biden: Van Jones? Who’s He?

By Doug Powers  •  October 4, 2011 12:26 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

First the bad news: I lost a bet because Biden doesn’t think that Van Jones is a moving company. Now the good news: Joe’s being Joe again.

From the Schnitt Show by way of JWF:

Later in his response in talking about the frustration seen in the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street Group, Biden said “you have on the one end Van Jones’ guys, whoever he is, talking about Wall Street.” Jack Harris and Tedd Webb stopped him to tell him he had previously been “Green Czar” in the administration. The VP responded, “Oh is that… alright”

Come on, Joe — Van Jones — former “Green Jobs Czar” in the same administration you’re in. Ring any bells? He spoke at the first meeting of the Middle Class Task Force you headed up and received a standing ovation from you and your colleagues. Still not familiar? At that meeting, he was this guy, with a name card in front of him that had “Van Jones” written on it. No? Still nothing?

Don’t worry, Sheriff Biden has been reserving every ounce his situational awareness in order to tightly monitor stimulus spending.

**Written by Doug Powers

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