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NYT/CBS Poll: Cain Maintains Lead Over Romney; Update: DWS Blasts Perry Tax Plan

By Doug Powers  •  October 25, 2011 01:31 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Karl Rove stuck a fork in him, Hillary Clinton mocked him, much has been made of a couple of statements that needed clarifying, other GOP candidates as well as those who make a good living off the current bloated tax code have blasted 999, and his Chief of Staff is a ::gulp:: smoker, but in spite of all that, Herman Cain maintains a lead:

Businessman Herman Cain is now atop the field of Republican White House hopefuls, squeaking past former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

Cain garnered 25 percent support of Republican primary voters in the poll released on Tuesday, compared to Romney’s 21 percent.

The number describing themselves as undecided is diminishing, and it looks like many of them are falling toward Cain and Romney:


Surprising that Huntsman didn’t get more of a bump from Chris Matthews’ admission that he’s tingle-worthy, isn’t it?

As always, things can change rapidly. Four years ago today, Giuliani and Thompson were leading the polls.

As far as the candidate I can most identify with, this week I’ve got to go with Rick Santorum for trying to watch a football game during a speech:

GOP nomination update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz just called Rick Perry’s tax plan the “definition of insanity.” In other words, it’s probably a pretty good plan. A hearty thumbs-down from DWS might be good enough for bump in the polls for Perry.

**Written by Doug Powers

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