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Live from New York…it’s progs gone wild!; Occupiers’ Fright Night; Occupy Chicago leaders under FBI terror watch; Crackdown in San Francisco; Oakland occupiers declare “general strike”

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 26, 2011 11:11 PM

It’s 11:00pm Eastern and the Occupiers are swarming the streets of the Big Apple.

Because they can.

Guess all the government housing and student loan candy President Obama is handing out isn’t enough.

The aerial live stream is here via CBS News.

Watching for the past 10 minutes, it isn’t clear where these aimless Kamp Alinsky Kids are going.

I’ll keep you updated.

David Freddoso tweets: “This isn’t going to end well.”

Well, except for all the police officers collecting overtime, I guess…

Heckuva job, Mikey Bloomberg!


Update: For those of you with the stomach to monitor these oafs, here’s a livestream of Occupier camps across the country tonight. Judging from their tweets, they are spoiling for a Fright Night fight with police from Oakland to NYC.

Just like the permit-obtaining, rule of law-respecting, back to work-after-their-protests Tea Party?



Nicole Pearce is monitoring the police baiting from occupiers in Boston. Watch her Twitter feed here for developments/pics. They are chanting “F**k the police” and “F**k Fox News” and “Abolish the prisons Abolish Police.”

Just like the Tea Party?



Jim Hoft points to reports on Occupy Chicago leaders’ terror watch troubles. The FBI is watching.

Just like the Tea Party?



The riot police are apparently in San Francisco now, ready to evict the Occupier dregs. Livestream here.

The Oakland occupiers have just voted to go on a “general strike.”

I’m confused. Aimless, unemployed Kamp Alinsky Kids are going to walk off jobs…they don’t have?


Occupy Wall Street declares: “People are talking about a #generalstrike This could be huge and change the course of the nation.”

Nope, still going in the same direction: Down the tubes.

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