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Who’s Up for a GOP Debate Hosted by ‘The View’?

By Doug Powers  •  November 1, 2011 03:53 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

I’m not necessarily laughing off the possibility. Romney has appeared on The View before. Newt’s done the show, and so has Herman Cain. Jon Huntsman’s been on too. Heck, I think Huntsman was once even offered the host slot that eventually went to Whoopi Goldberg.

From HuffPo:

NEW YORK — During the 2008 presidential race, both then-Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain stopped by to chat with the ladies of “The View,” an indication that political candidates see value in reaching the daytime talk show audience.

But this election cycle, producers for the ABC show are wading even deeper into political waters with hopes of hosting a daytime presidential debate. A spokesman for “The View” confirmed that requests have been sent to Republican campaigns but declined to speak further about any interest so far. The debate would take place during the show’s 11 a.m. EST time slot.

Due to the already packed schedule it’ll probably never happen. Too bad — I’d like to hear the candidates discuss Joy Behar’s proposal to give Gitmo detainees million dollar book deals instead of locking them up.

**Written by Doug Powers

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