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‘Smug Shot’ from the GOP Debate

By Doug Powers  •  November 14, 2011 02:01 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Probably the most talked about exchange from Saturday night’s GOP debate was the Newt Gingrich/Scott Pelley back and forth regarding the sanctioned killing of American born terrorists overseas (the least talked about portion of the debate was the second hour, because not many people could watch it).

Here’s video of the exchange in case you missed it (h/t Newsbusters):

Since Pelley was so eager to participate, Gingrich could have also posed one question on Pelley’s assumption the terrorist killings were against the rule of law: “Are you asking me if President Obama should be charged with a crime?”

CBS missed the real story here: Some GOP candidates for president agree with Barack Obama on something. The MSM finally gets the “bipartisanship” they often report is so hard to find, and all that the anchor of the CBS Evening News can do is lean forward and offer a healthy dose of smug:


In Pelley’s defense, he might have had that look on his face because of all the potential questions for Michele Bachmann he had to keep bottled up.

(Picture and coinage of the term “smug shot” via The Right Scoop)

**Written by Doug Powers

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