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Locked Out NBA Players to Participate in First Annual ‘Obama Classic’

By Doug Powers  •  November 19, 2011 09:22 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

There’s are gentle economic ironies here on a couple different levels, but on weekends I try not to point out the obvious.

From Politico:

With extra time on their hands because of pro basketball’s lockout, super hoopsters Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin are among a few dozen current and former NBA players who have committed to hit the hardwood for the first “Obama Classic” on Dec. 12, according to an Obama campaign Web page set up for the event.

“Athletes who support President Obama … will play actual games at the event in Washington, D.C.,” Michael Blake, deputy director of the Obama campaign’s “Operation Vote,” wrote in an e-mail to prospective donors that was obtained by POLITICO.
The price of admission: It ranges from $100 for a limited set of seats set aside for folks who are part of a special “Gen 44” campaign group to $5,000 or more for heavy hitters who want courtside seats. The Obama Victory Fund can collect up to $35,800 from a single donor, with the first $5,000 going to the campaign and the remainder going to the Democratic National Committee.

The money the players help raise during the NBA lockout will go towards attempting to stave off what could be a voter lockout of Obama from the White House in January 2013.

Will the “Occupiers” show up at the tournament of one-percenters? They’ll have to compete with Chris Matthews, who I understand is already camping out in a tent courtside.

“Obama Classic” fun fact: The backboards will be two larger than usual Plexiglas teleprompter screens programmed to give the president in-game instructions such as “lay up,” “baseline J,” “dish to Mutombo for the jam” and “pass the jobs bill.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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