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Herman Cain Announcement Open Thread; Update: Suspending Campaign; Video Added

By Doug Powers  •  December 3, 2011 12:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Shortly Herman Cain will be making an announcement of some sort. Some are speculating he’ll drop out. I’ve been watching the event for a while now and it certainly doesn’t have an “about to drop out” feel to it. If Cain is dropping out it’s the most up-beat buildup to an exit I’ve seen since the departure of Snagglepuss.

However, Michelle just Tweeted a link to this:

In the hours before he made his planned midday announcement about the future of his presidential campaign, Republican candidate Herman Cain reached out to some of his rivals.

“We have talked to the Cain Camp, but we don’t want to characterize the conversations,” said Alice Stewart, a spokesman for Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

I’ve got C-Span on right now and they’re going to carry Cain’s speech live shortly. If you’re not around a TV and want to watch, The Right Scoop has live video.

I’m a little surprised… that I know of, Gloria Allred hasn’t managed to work her way in front of a camera somewhere yet.

**Written by Doug Powers

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Update (MM): We’re having fun on Twitter trying to guess what this is:

“Organizers here have just brought out a large covered…thing. 6 feet plus tall. Covered and tied with rope. Placed behind podium.”


Update II (DP): Cain, with his wife standing behind him, just announced he’s suspending his campaign. His final quote was from Pokemon, and now candidate Cain goes back to being citizen Cain.

Gingrich Tweets this.

Update III (MM): Just a note that the “suspension” allows him to keep raising money to pay off his campaign debt.

Update IV (DP): Here’s video of the announcement:

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