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Fox News GOP Debate Open Thread

By Doug Powers  •  December 15, 2011 08:49 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Either there’s another Republican debate tonight or the one that started the other day hasn’t ended yet.

The Fox News debate is the last go-around before the Iowa Caucuses, after which the Hawkeye State can return to normal until the 2016 candidates start to nose around, which will be, oh, about three weeks after Inauguration Day 2012.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Gingrich slipping:

According to Rasmussen, Romney is now in first place at 23 percent, while Gingrich has slipped to 20 percent. Texas Congressman Ron Paul comes in third at 18 percent.

The RCP poll average still shows Gingrich up by a few points over Romney followed closely by Paul.

If you’re not around a TV you can watch live online here. Start time is 9 p.m. EST.

So let’s get it started and throw the floor open for discussion. Tonight’s special drinking game rule: Double shot whenever any candidate jokes about making a bet with Mitt.

Update: Michelle’s Tweeting here.

I’ll have a few Twitter ramblings here.

**Written by Doug Powers

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