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GM to Call Back Chevy Volts

By Doug Powers  •  January 5, 2012 08:59 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


Maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. Technically a “call back” is a notch below a recall, and it only affects 8,000 vehicles — which is a mere, um, 100% of all Volts sold in 2011. Lucky sales didn’t catch fire or the fixes would have been a more massive undertaking:

General Motors plans to ask Volt owners to bring their electric cars into dealers to strengthen the structure around the batteries.

The automaker said Thursday it plans enhancements to the vehicle’s structure and battery coolant system to further protect the battery from the possibility of an electrical fire occurring days or weeks after a severe crash.

The enhancements come in response to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Preliminary Evaluation to examine post-severe crash battery performance.

Has there ever been a year where an automobile has been named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and also a Flop of the Year? They should have called it the Paradox. You certainly can’t argue with the value though — it isn’t often you can buy a $250,000 car for just $41,000.

In other Volt news, in spite of there being only 8,000 Volts sold in 2011 (1,529 in December alone, meaning either sales picked up or Al Gore used them as Christmas stocking stuffers), Michigan Rep. John Dingell thinks they’re flying off the lots:

Following Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s claim that the Chevrolet Volt is an “idea whose time has not come,” Dingell apparently issued a press release that said, in part:

Romney is the only fellow in the United States who appears to think that the Volt is an idea whose time has not come. Clearly it has not come to him. The Volt is selling like hotcakes.

For a car being called back to repair a possible fire hazard, “hot cakes” probably isn’t the best choice of metaphor, and it certainly isn’t the most accurate one.

**Written by Doug Powers

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