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Super Bowl Ad: ET’s Visit Earth to Make Sure Their Tax Dollars Didn’t Fund the Volt

By Doug Powers  •  February 2, 2012 11:00 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

In an ad set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl, aliens from outer space want to make sure their tax money didn’t get dumped into the Chevy Volt pit — at least that’s my take on it:

Ahead of the big game, Chevrolet has released its upcoming Super Bowl advertisement for the plug-in hybrid on the internet, in which a man in a bathrobe goes out to his garage in the middle of the night and discovers a group of little cone-headed green and purple creatures inspecting a Volt.

Exasperated by what seems to be a recurring event, he tells them, “I’ll say it again, it’s electric, but when I need to go farther it uses gas. Please tell me you understand.”

Here’s the ad:


There were 603 Volts sold in January, so encouraging sales numbers like that certainly justify shelling out the big bucks for some out-of-this-world ad time to attempt a product re-launch during the Super Bowl.

It’s not as expensive an ad purchase as it might sound. If the average Super Bowl spot this year is going for $3.5 million, then, according to some estimates, the commercial time was purchased at the total cost of just 14 Volts.

The spot would be more effective on a “high tech” level if the ET’s would have ditched their spacecraft in the guy’s driveway and taken the car instead, but even fiction has its limits when it comes to suspension of disbelief.

**Written by Doug Powers

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