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Joseph Kennedy III Announces Run for Barney Frank’s House Seat

By Doug Powers  •  February 16, 2012 11:27 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

In a selfless display of empathy for the people who have been suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms from not having a Kennedy in Congress (Kennedys, foremost), the grandson of RFK has formally announced that he will be running for the Massachusetts House seat Barney Frank is vacating:

Joseph Kennedy III, a scion of the famous political family, announced Thursday that will run for the Massachusetts House seat being vacated by Rep. Barney Frank (D).

“Congressman Frank has done so much for Massachusetts and America during his service in Congress and he leaves very big shoes to fill,” Kennedy said in his announcement video for the 4th district. “I believe this country was founded on a simple idea: that every person deserves to be treated fairly, by each other and by their government.”

He promises to fight for a “a fair job plan,” a better educational system, “a fair tax code” and “fair housing policy.”

At last, a Kennedy is running for office with some ideas nobody in the family had previously thought to champion. This race will be won by originality.

JK III was pretty much a lock to run, especially since a recent poll showed him with a huge lead in a hypothetical race against Sean Bielat.

Here’s the announcement:

Interesting that the video showed a wind turbine as evidence of the clean energy we need to invest in more, especially considering the Kennedy family has been throwing down against Cape Wind for quite some time.

Speaking of Cape Wind and its “green” ilk, there’s a reason they call those projects “clean energy” instead of “cheap energy.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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