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Sunday News Roundup: Politics at Daytona; Update: Race Postponed Until Monday

By Doug Powers  •  February 26, 2012 12:21 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


The Daytona 500 is today, and there will be an air of politics around and above the race track:

–Rick Santorum is sponsoring Tony Raines’ #26 car. I’m pulling for Raines to win just to see if he gets out of the car in the winner’s circle and is handed a Santorum for President sweater-vest to put on.

–The UAW will be flying an anti-Romney banner above Daytona today. Romney is expected to be at the race.

By later this afternoon we’ll know who won Daytona. Basing a projection on Internet polls, the winner is going to be Ron Paul.

Update: The rain didn’t let up enough, so now the race will start Monday at noon.

Update II: The start time has been moved to Monday night at 7 p.m.

Other stuff:

–President Obama said that his term up to now has been “three of the toughest years this country has gone through in my lifetime.” No president I’m aware of has been re-elected with the slogan “I know you’re not better off than you were four years ago which is why I need four more years,” but Obama believes he’ll be the first.

–Gas prices are hitting $5 in Los Angeles at the same time Tinseltown has to fill up the 8 mpg limos to head to the Academy Awards to brag to their friends about all they’re doing to address climate change.

–Flashback one month for the government-created catch-22 of the year (so far): The EPA is fining oil refiners millions of dollars for failing to mix in a special bio fuel — a product that doesn’t exist in nearly the amounts required to fulfill the EPAs quota. That’ll make gas cheaper.

–Democrats are angry with Republicans for politicizing gas prices, because Democrats never did that when Bush was president.

–New scare tactic: global warming is going to make people shrink. Al Gore just released the following statement: “Just two words now prove the science is settled: Robert Reich.”

–Dem. Rep. Kathy Hochul got some backlash at a town hall meeting for supporting the HHS contraceptive/abortifacient mandate. Shorter version of her explanation: “We’re the government. You’re not. Shut up.”

–Clarence Thomas 2012?

–Pointer for campaigners: If you want to make the size of your audience look small, pick a wildly over-sized venue.

And finally, two days before the Arizona primary, Governor Jan Brewer has endorsed Mitt Romney:

**Written by Doug Powers

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