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Carney: Obama’s UAW Address ‘Not at All’ a Campaign Speech

By Doug Powers  •  February 28, 2012 04:31 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

That White House Press Secretary is a laugh a minute:

Question: “Was the president’s speech to the UAW this morning a campaign speech?”

Jay Carney, White House: “Not at all. The president was speaking to American workers, which he certainly enjoys doing. He was speaking to them about several things, principally the resurrection of the American automobile industry which is a subject that has been a focus of his attention since he took office.”

So when President Obama told the UAW “as long as you have got an ounce of fight left in you, I’ll have a ton of fight left in me,” he must have been referring to something other than the election.

CNN didn’t get Carney’s memo in time:

The speech had the flavor of a campaign speech, with an enthusiastic audience greeting the president with chants of “Four more years.” The UAW leadership has vowed to make a major push to re-elect Obama, especially with membership concentrated in the battleground states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
“Five years from now, when I’m not president any more, I’ll buy one [a Volt] and drive it myself,” he said, sparking additional chants of “Four more years” from the crowd.

Watch the completely non-campaign related speech here.

**Written by Doug Powers

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