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Super Tuesday Update: Romney Wins 5 States; Santorum 3; Gingrich 1; Update: Ohio projected for Romney

By Doug Powers  •  March 6, 2012 09:27 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Here’s quick rundown of what’s going on in the ten states voting in the Super Tuesday primaries:

Mitt Romney has won Virginia, Vermont, Idaho and Massachusetts (update: it looks like Ohio will go for Romney in a close one).

Santorum took Tennessee and Oklahoma (update: Santorum also wins N. Dakota).

Gingrich wins Georgia, with Santorum second and Romney third.

There’s also no declared winner yet in Alaska.

CNN has a running delegate count here.

Today isn’t just about Republicans though. One example is Dennis Kucinich who is running against another Democrat in a primary in a redrawn Ohio district. The winner will face Joe the Plumber in November. (Update: Wrong ballots distributed in Toledo)

It’s been a long, exhausting primary process. Newt Gingrich whipped, and I don’t blame him (h/t Allahpundit):

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**Written by Doug Powers

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Update 12:35am Cable nets project that Romney will be winner in Ohio.

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