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Alan Grayson Runs Red Light En Route to Fundraiser, Hits Bus, 2 Injured

By Doug Powers  •  March 11, 2012 11:55 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Former Florida Rep. Alan Grayson lost his House seat in 2010, but he’s running again this year. Grayson might be remembered best for things such as likening the GOP to Al Qaeda members in the pilot’s seat and saying the Republican health care plan is to hope sick people “die quickly.”

Speaking of public health, Grayson might want to call for a study on the threats presented to the physical well being of the general public from politicians who are in a hurry to get to fundraisers:

Former congressman Alan Grayson collided with a Lynx bus this afternoon near a busy downtown intersection, according to WESH.

Grayson, a congressional candidate who was on his way to a campaign fundraising event, ran a red light and struck the bus, reports show. Two people aboard the bus suffered slight injuries.

The vocal Occupy Wall Street supporter was driving a Mercedes Benz, car of choice for the discerning member of the 99 percent. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, but you might not guess that judging from the looks of Grayson’s Mercedes.

There could be a bit of upcoming irony if the two people on the bus who were injured decide to lawyer up. But maybe Grayson has already instinctively offered to represent them in a lawsuit against himself.

@anthropocon Tweets: “Alan Grayson – the first Democrat to throw himself under the bus.” (h/t Twitchy.com)

Click the pic for news video from WESH:



Update: Instapundit writes

Driving a Mercedes, hurrying to a big-bucks fundraiser at a penthouse, injures some bus-riders (99-percenters almost by definition) while himself escaping unscathed. Occupy Alan Grayson!

**Written by Doug Powers

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