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Top 10 Twitchy stories

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 13, 2012 10:24 AM

Last week, we launched Twitchy.com — a ground-breaking Twitter curation/aggregation site staffed 24/7. On Friday, we scored our first Drudge Report link with a Twitchy exclusive story on liberal actress Cher’s rampage against conservatives.

Our Android mobile app developed by Ed Burns is available here. iPhone and iPad apps will be rolling out shortly. Here’s what others are saying about Twitchy’s debut. And here’s some reaction from lefties who don’t like our decision to advertise with Rush Limbaugh. Tough noogies.

We’ve got tons of Twitchy stories you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s my top 10 list of Twitchy posts for today. Don’t miss out:

1.Fantasy tweets: If Michael Moore were president… — Yes, he’s issuing Occupy the White House executive orders. Watch out.

2. Vile Twitter account mocking Breitbart’s widow suspended — It’s war.

3. #progressivebreakuplines — A popular hashtag game that caught on last night on both sides of the Twitter aisle.

4. Top 20 #stoptweetingSoledad — CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien doesn’t want to hear from conservatives about her bias. Too bad, sister. Twitter is all about interactivity. Deal with it.

5. Markos Moulitsas, champion of the 99%, is a total 1%-er; Twitter weighs in — Down with capitalism, except for progressive bloggers, that is.

6. #ididnotreport — How Twitter became a global abuse hotline.

7. Grover Norquist vs. Jon Stewart — Not quite an epic showdown.

8. The Mitt Romney equestrian caption contest — Just a little horsing around.

9. Texas Attorney General announces suit against Obama administration on Twitter — Showdown.

10. #tomyunbornchild — World trend brings life lessons, and humor, to unborn babies.

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