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Carl Levin’s effort to legislate himself a ‘green’ parking space gets delayed

By Doug Powers  •  March 30, 2012 02:47 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Michigan Senator Carl Levin put the electric cart before the horse, and he’s since been trying to address that problem, if only Republicans would stop delaying the process:

The same month that Michigan Democratic Sen. Carl Levin bought his first electric car, he sponsored legislation to establish battery recharge stations in the Capitol complex’s parking areas.

The bill would give the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) the authority to provide recharging stations for electric vehicles in Senate parking lots. Levin introduced the bill in April of last year, the same month he purchased his Chevy Volt.

“Passage of this legislation will be an important statement of leadership from the Senate,” Levin said at the bill’s roll out. “It will provide an example to other employers of how they can support both the needs of their employees and our national interest in energy security.”

Thursday afternoon, Senate Republicans blocked an attempted unanimous consent vote to hotline the legislation through the Senate. Unanimous consent votes can be requested by senators to expedite proceedings, and the process can be derailed by a single objection.

According to some estimates, the installation and materials would run around $7,000. Or… Levin could donate roughly the amount of the taxpayer subsidy he got on the purchase of his Volt to pay for the installation. That would be leading by example.

In the meantime, if Senator Levin can’t get a spot closer to an outlet, Jim Treacher has a high-tech solution to his problem.

**Written by Doug Powers

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