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John Edwards returns $2.1 million to FEC

By Doug Powers  •  April 11, 2012 10:44 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

To put this amount of money in terms Edwards can more easily relate to, his campaign has been forced to give back the equivalent of about 105,000 bottles of HairTec Thick & Strong Shampoo.

From Politico:

John Edwards’s presidential campaign has now repaid taxpayers the more than $2.1 million in federal public matching funds he received after leaving the 2008 race — writing a check just before the former Democratic candidate’s criminal trial on campaign finance violations kicks off Thursday with jury selection.

The Federal Election Commission confirmed on Tuesday to The Associated Press it received the money from Edwards’s campaign. On March 12, the FEC upheld its ruling from last year that Edwards was wrongly given the money after he dropped out of the race in the midst of his sex scandal with Rielle Hunter. Edwards was given 30 days to send the money to the U.S. Treasury.

Jury selection for Edwards’ trial begins tomorrow. What kind of swingers club for adulterous mythomaniacal ambulance-chasing political cheats are they going to have to comb to find a jury of this guy’s peers?

**Written by Doug Powers

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