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MSM: Occupiers Anarchists arrested for bridge bomb plot

By Doug Powers  •  May 2, 2012 11:45 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

From the “imagine if there was a Tea Party connection to this” file, we find this…

Arrests have been made in a bomb plot sting in the Cleveland, Ohio area:

Five men charged with plotting to bomb a bridge linking two wealthy Cleveland suburbs placed what they thought were real explosives at the site and repeatedly tried to detonate them using text messages from cellphones, according to an FBI affidavit filed in court.

Federal authorities on Tuesday described the men as anarchists who are angry with corporate America and the government and unknowingly worked with an FBI informant for months as they crafted and carried out their plan.

The FBI said suspects bought fake explosives from an undercover employee and put them at the base of a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, about 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland, on Monday. After leaving the park, they tried to initiate the explosives using a text-message detonation code, and they called the person who provided the bombs to check the code when it failed, according to the FBI affidavit.

What better way to get even with the one percent than by trying to blow up the 99 percent on their way to work?

The arrested men have been linked to the Occupy movement, which the AP didn’t feel was worth mentioning for several paragraphs (after all, we’re talking about Occupy, not the Tea Party for cryin’ out loud).

Only much later in the AP story are the suspects’ connections to Occupy mentioned, then put in the past tense and downplayed:

The suspects had been associated with the anti-corporate Occupy Cleveland movement but don’t share its non-violent views and don’t represent Occupy Cleveland, organizer Debbie Kline said.

The alleged plotters were frustrated that other anti-corporate protesters opposed violence, [US Attorney] Dettelbach said.

In other words, those rogue infiltrators soiled the peaceful sanctity of the monastery of the 99 percent.

By way of Newsbusters, a few news outlets didn’t deem the suspects’ connections to the Occupy movement relevant, because some didn’t mention that fact at all:

USA Today? No mention at all.

Bloomberg? No mention at all.

CBS News? No mention at all.

Voice of America? No mention at all.

The New York Times? No mention at all.

CNN? The cable network notes that the language used by one of the suspects in reference to “the 1 percent” sounds like Occupy terminology, but CNN fails to mention that some of the suspects were actually involved with Occupy Cleveland.
The local media, on the other hand — specifically the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, is reporting the Occupy connection to the terrorist plot.

The title of this AP story made me laugh: FBI: Men unknowingly put fake bombs at Ohio bridge.

Funny how those who usually have such a knack for sensationalizing the news and exaggerating the danger to the public can suddenly make a group of would-be domestic terrorists sound like a bunch of innocuous, unaffiliated dupes.

Speaking of those who were arrested, when I first saw their mug shots I thought it was just an announcement of the cast for the sequel to Half Baked.

**Written by Doug Powers

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