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Obama presents Congress with ‘to do’ list

By Doug Powers  •  May 8, 2012 04:21 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Oddly enough, “Harry Reid, pass a budget” didn’t make the cut.

From the Washington Post:

President Obama called on Congress Tuesday to support a five-point “to-do list” that features job creation and mortgage relief measures, in his latest effort to paint the legislative body as a obstructionist force during an election year.

Obama has proposed all of the measures before. But as Washington has grown more polarized during the presidential campaign season, the president has been trying to use Congress as a foil to highlight his administration’s efforts to pass legislation to stimulate the economy.

“In this make or break moment for the middle class, there is no excuse for inaction, no excuse for dragging our feet. None,” Obama told the crowd at a nanotechnology facility at the State University of New York at Albany.

During Obama’s remarks, two flat-screen television monitors showed a graphic in the form of a green Post-It Note titled “Congress To-Do List” and laying out the five items with un-checked squares next to them.

Here’s the list:


It’s too bad they’ve already settled on “Forward” as a campaign slogan, because “Post-it notes we can believe in” has a more apropos ring to it. I’ll give them credit though — “Clean energy manufacturing” sounds better than “More Solyndras.”

Over at Twitchy there are several suggestions that, for some reason, weren’t included on Obama’s list.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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