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Facebook IPO causes unfriending of morning news

By Doug Powers  •  May 18, 2012 11:09 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Facebook is now officially listed on NASDAQ. I know this because I’ve heard it at least 65 times on the radio this morning, so I turned it off until the dust settles.

As of this moment shares are priced at $38, and the company is worth $104 billion. It would have been worth more but the IPO just wasn’t hyped enough!

Occupy Wall Street as yet has offered no comment on this latest expansion of Wall Street greed, but we’ll keep an eye out for it at their page on, uh, Facebook.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed: A $104 billion IPO heals all wounds. And Bono can’t be too unhappy either.

Update: “Was Facebook’s IPO overhyped?” It certainly wasn’t underhyped.

**Written by Doug Powers

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